Commencing in June 2023, AMIGOS is a 4-year Innovation Action, backed with 9.1 million euros from the EU’s Horizon Europe program. AMIGOS, short for Active Mobility Innovations for Green and Safe Solutions, involves 28 partners from 16 European countries.





AMIGOS embraces a multifaceted approach with 7 key pillars to tackle urban mobility challenges and promote sustainability.

1. Sustainable Mobility

The development of sustainable urban active mobility solutions through innovative inclusive co-creation methods.

2. Digital Twins

The use of 3 comprehensive large scale digital twin models for solution identification and impact evaluation.

3. Big Data platform

The implementation of a Big Data platform for comprehensive analytics and insights, driving innovation and informed decision-making.

4. Mobility Solutions

The reduction of traffic, increase in public transport usage and active mobility through innovative policies and technological solutions.

5. Mobility Harmony

The improvement of the cohabitation between different mobilities through innovative policies and technological solutions.

6. Space Optimization

The strategic optimization of public spaces, promoting sustainable urban development through innovative planning.

7. Safety Enhancement

The improvement of safety through innovative policies and technological solutions.


Bases on these pillars, AMIGOS relies on (1) the collection and analysis of urban mobility data from pilot cities, an (2) art-based co-creation with urban stakeholders to better define city mobility solutions using an urban mobility toolbox, city model, and digital twins as a testbed for these solutions, before their (3) implementation and (4) evaluation for replication.

AMIGOS aligns with CIVITAS, working on sustainable urban mobility solutions through collaboration with projects like ELABORATOR and REALLOCATE in support of EU goals.